Touchon & Co


 Bullet Studios, in collaboration with Touchon & Co Gallery, seeks to challenge the traditional work environment of a production studio and create a “space” onscreen, in sound or the arts where anything can be made possible. For this reason, the studio, when not filming, seeks to further develop fine arts and to facilitate a place for artists to meet and show their work both in DTLA and on film.   


While Touchon & Co. DTLA Gallery was opened by Zach Touchon and Wendy Benge in 2017 the Touchon name is rich in artistic heritage.  Zach Touchon opened his first, and still thriving gallery, 310 Art Gallery, in the heart of Venice, CA near the historical Abbot-Kinney on Westminster Avenue. Zach, a contemporary artist, actor and musician hails from the family Touchon, whom established Touchon & Co. in 1907. The Touchon family watches were collected and sold by Tiffany & Co. and are presently a sought after collectors item most commonly found and sold by Christie’s or other elite auction houses. For this reason, the Touchon’s host a family of artists along with Zach’s 

father Cecil Touchon.   


 Touchon & Co of 1100 Main represents prominent and emerging artists focusing on museum quality exhibitions and gaining widespread interest in DTLA as a hub to aid artists in need and to take the time to look at each piece with care and integrity. Touchon & Co is quickly developing a reputation for being the best new gallery in Downtown LA.